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Dave Shipman's
1930 Coupe

Dear Steve:

I am very happy about how the car came out.  Superior work, fast (one day) service, good price.  Cant say enough about your company.

Thanks again
Dave Shipman

Photos Courtesy Dave Shipman

Austin Healey Restoration

Steve prepared this 1956 Austin Healey 100-4. The chassis had sat for over thirty years in a barn collecting dust and grime. Steve first blast the chassis to remove rust and prepared the metal for several welding repairs. A few months later, after the repairs had been made he reblast the chassis to remove the small amount of oxidation that had developed to the bare metal and to remove the black oxide that comes on new repair panels and to texture these new panels so they would match the originals.

American Stripping was the perfect place to perform this work. Steve, being and artist himself, demanded the level of quality I wanted for this job.


Rick Neves
'56 BN-2

This is what we started with.

The Chassis has already been sand blasted once to prepare it for welding repairs now it has sat for a few months and slightly rusted so it needs to be reblasted.

Steve Reblasts the Chassis in preparation for priming and painting

Welcome To American Stripping

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