Why Baking Soda Blasting?
An automotive painter is hard pressed to match the durability and thoroughness of a factory paint job. One of the major reasons for this is that the factory starts with bare, unaffected metal. This is why when you are looking for an excellent paint job, stripping off all of the old paint is very important. This can be done by sanding all the paint and body filler off, but this takes time and can heat the metal, as well as leave it with scratches that must be filled. Chemical stripping is very messy, ruins any body filler without removing it, and leaves a toxic residue.
Then there is blasting. Blasting uses a medium forced at a surface using air pressure. The meduim breaks down the bond of the paint and body filler and lifts it of the surface. There are many different types of media, baking soda being one of them. Baking soda does a superior job stripping paint, costs about the same as sanding, and is environmentally safe with no toxic residue. Baking soda blasting is by far the best solution for taking that first step towards the perfect paint job.

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